Tips For Fixing Event Id W32time 22

You may encounter an error code with event ID w32time 22. There are several ways to fix this problem now, which we’ll talk about a little later.

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    Event ID 22
    source w32time
    Description Time provider NtpServer encountered an error while digitally signing the NTP response for peer :
    w32time event id 22. NtpServer simply won’t provide a secure (signed) time to see the client and ignore the command. Error: . ()
    Event information 1) Error code: 0x80070525, error details: “The specified user must exist”

    2) The following information from a specific newsgroup post is helpful in understanding this event:

    Possible reason:
    There were no major sources of the day in the registry as well as in the W32time.ini file other than this one.has been synced.

    FIX: Run W32time Update – at the do command line and restart

    Try the demo with a fresh copy of w32time from the following site: (sometimes this link may be given to give an error message and is not tested. Try twice thrice if it doesn’t happen to your company)

    Links Microsoft reskit for W32time download

    W32time Gebeurtenis Id 22
    Id Do Evento W32time 22
    W32time 이벤트 Id 22
    Identifikator Sobytiya W32time 22
    W32time Handelse Id 22
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    Id Evento W32time 22
    W32time Identyfikator Zdarzenia 22
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