Fixed: Suggested Fixes After Moving A Mailbox, You Must Wait For Cleanup Operations.

If you have to wait for computer cleanup operations after moving your mailbox, this article will help you resolve the issue.

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    Switching the path to a different target server, or frankly Mailstore would be fine. If you visit the same store more than once, the mailbox available to you should be deleted and you can try to return. If you still have problems, it will cost you to clear your inbox

    I am getting the above error after trying to move three mailboxes from one Exchange 2010 SP2 database to another.on a real server. All similar errors that I found while searching,refer to the period between 2010 and 2003 or 2007.

    Warning. Cleanup failed, which may affect the original mailbox after deletion.
    Error Details: MapiExceptionUnexpectedMailboxState: Cannot delete mailbox with duplicate content. (hour=0x80004005, ec=2634)

    after moving a mailbox you must wait for cleanup operations

    Move status “Checks completed with warnings” and I don’t know how to fix some cleanup errors.

    after moving a mailbox you must wait for cleanup operations

    I have already been able to move mailboxes from the mail database to this server.

    Can I move my house mailbox?

    USPS mailbox location restrictions are strict. Taking the time to call or perhaps visit the post office before lugging your mailbox around can save your website a lot of headaches. 2. Consider the effects of temperature when moving. If you’re considering moving your entire personal mailbox, consider how weather conditions will affect its location during exciting new seasons.

    Moving firewood indicates this, note that at some point the firewood indicates that the cleanup is complete, even if a “failed” flag is then issued, and 5 more cleanup attempts are made. On this server, RU or even more was NOT applied.

    6/25/2012 04:58:01 PM [HUB_Server] Migration completed successfully and final cleanup has also begun.
    2012/06/25 04:58:01 PM [HUB_Server] The original email address “Main (58a48cb1-ff66-4893-a352-436ecd328504)” was successfully cleared after moving the utility.
    06/25/2012 04:58:01 PM [HUB_Server] Quest published.
    06/25/2012 04:58:06 PM [HUB_Server] Microsoft Exchange mailbox replication operations “” ( caps:07) examine a specific request.4:58:06
    June 25, 2012 [HUB_Server] Connected to listen on mailbox “Main (58a48cb1-ff66-4893-a352-436ecd328504)”, database “NoQuotasDtoF”, mailbox server “” version 14.2 (build 247.0).06/25/2012 04:58:06 PM [HUB_Server] The mailbox has already been converted.
    2012/06/25 04:58:06 PM [HUB_Server] Migration completed, final update and cleanup started.
    2012/06/25 04:58:06 PM [HUB_Server] Failed to purge payload mailbox ‘Main (58a48cb1-ff66-4893-a352-436ecd328504)’ after promotion. Attempt 1/6.
    Error details: MapiExceptionUnexpectedMailboxState: MapiExceptionUnexpectedMailboxState The mailbox cannot be deleted. (h=0x80004005, ec=2634)

    Located in Microsoft.Mapi.MapiExceptionHelper.ThrowIfError(string message, Hresult, int32 SafeExInterfaceHandle iUnknown, Exception innerException)
    AT Microsoft.Mapi.ExRpcAdmin.DeletePrivateMailbox(Guid guidMdb, Guid Int32 guidMailbox, flags)
    At Microsoft.Exchange.MailboxReplicationService.LocalMailbox.DeleteMailboxInternal(Int32-Flags)
    AT Microsoft.Exchange.MailboxReplicationService.MailboxWrapper.<>c__DisplayClass2a.b__29()
    AT Microsoft.Exchange.MailboxReplicationService.ExecutionContext.Execute(GenericCallDelegate operation)
    Located at Microsoft.Exchange.MailboxReplicationService.MailboxWrapper.Microsoft.Exchange.MailboxReplicationService.IMailbox.DeleteMailbox(Int32-Flags)
    AT Microsoft.Exchange.MailboxReplicationService.MoveBaseJob.<>c__DisplayClass6d.

    At Microsoft.Exchange.MailboxReplicationService.CommonUtils.CatchKnownExceptions(GenericCallDelegate FailureDelegate del, failureDelegate)
    2012/06/25 04:58:06 PM [HUB_Server] Destination mailbox “Primary (58a48cb1-ff66-4893-a352-436ecd328504)” is basically reset after move.
    06/25/2012 04:58:07 PM Cleanup error after moving [hub_server]. Use will be repeated after 30 minutes (1/6).
    2012/06/25 04:58:37 PM [HUB_Server] Failed to cleanup source directory ‘Main (58a48cb1-ff66-4893-a352-436ecd328504)’ after move. Attempt 2/6.


    Move 2 failed, should we wait for cleanup with operation?

    Author message Eric Vergne

    Posted: Wed Apr 2009 12:29:03 CDT 2008 Up

    Exchange Servers Admin >> Failed to move mailbox, need to wait for cleanup?

    with Exchange 2003 sp2. Doesn’t work when moving a computer mailbox because # is combined with

    damaged withmessages. If I try to move again I get the following message
    “After moving the mailbox, you must wait for the cleanup operations to complete
    before you can move it again.”

    What should I do? Exchange performs cleanup operations automatically
    on a predetermined schedule? If yes, how can I check the schedule? this Or I’ll come with
    run manually? Redirect both servers or just my origin? When I move the device to
    Should I wait for another target webserver to perform cleanup operations?

    Moreover. How to identify the most important corrupted messages?

    Thank you.

    Exchange Server2 A


    Published: Wed Apr 9 12:29:03 pm CDT Up

    Exchange Server Admin >> Failed to move mailbox, need to wait for cleanup process? Hello

    Switching to another target server is acceptable, orsimple mail storage.

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